How do I add the library location on the map?

The following link will know the procedure for the location: (Bear in mind that the sound is a bit low for him up the volume). The map can be accessed using the title "Bibliotecas Participantes en la Alianza SIDALC"
The steps are:
  1. To access the map editing should send an e-mail to gmail.
  2. Once incorporated with your gmail account, you will be sent an invitation to this email account.
  3. In the invitation email for a link that will allow you access.
  4. Press the EDIT button.
  5. Locate the exact position of your library.
  6. With the bookmark button (in blue) define the exact position of your library.
  7. There will be a dialog box in which to place the information.
  8. In the top place the name of the institution and the library name.
  9. In the space below that box type the text "Library Information". We'll make the link to the information contained in the libraries directory.
  10. In that dialog box, press the blue marker located on the top right, then click the text "Add an icon". There will be a space to place the following link This will change SIDALC scoreboard.
  11. Finally, in the same dialog box, press OK.
  12. Then on the right side of your screen, press SAVE and END