The catalogues operate under the program Micro CDS/ISIS. It will be possible to be carried out searches by: Author, Title and Topic

AUTHOR: Type the author's last name, separated by " comma ", of author's first name. If you do not know the first name, type only the author's last name followed by sign $.
Alfaro Murillo, M. A.
Cornelius, J.

TITLE: Type the complete title in the original language of the publication. If it is a very extensive title or if you only remember the beginning, you can use the sign $.
El Origen de los Suelos
The Gene Hunters$

TOPIC: In order to carry out simple searches only type the term to look for .
Examples: Agroforestería, Cultivo de Tejidos

Combined searches
Please use the Boolean operators:

INTERSECTION: Represented by the asterisk (*) or the word AND, it is used to combine two or more keywords.
Cultivo de Tejidos * Frutas Tropicales
Cultivo de Tejidos AND Frutas Tropicales
Biodiversidad * Costa Rica

UNION: Represented by the sign (+), or the word OR, it is used to group terms. Please use parenthesis for a correct interpretation of the search.
Bosque Secundario + Bosque Nublado + Bosque Lluvioso
Bosque Secundario OR Bosque Nublado OR Bosque Lluvioso
(Tomate + Lycopersicon esculentum) * (Enfermedades Fungosas + Virosis)

SUBSTRACT: Represented by the sign (^) or the words AND NOT, it excludes those records on topics that do not interest.
Control de Plagas ^ Control Biológico
Control de Plagas AND NOT Control Biológico

TRUNCATION OF TERMS: Represented by the sign ($), it allows to carry out searches on terms that contain a common root
Ave$ It covers records on ave, avena, aves, avestrúz, etc.