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Signatura: UP8460
Autor: HECHT, S. B.POSEY, D. A..
Título: Preliminary results on soil management techniques of the Kayapó indians.Resultados preliminares de técnicas de manejo de suelos de los indios Kayapó.
P.imprenta: Estados Unidos de América, New York.1989. p. 174-188.
Serie: Advances in Economic Botany no. 7.
2do.Resumen: The soils of the Amazon basin are generally quite poor, and the diminished soil ferility is often blamed for the instability of many of the agricultural systems that replace tropical forests. Many agronomic efforts in Amazonas have locused on improving soil fertility for crop production, but these approaches have largely overlooked the potential contribution of indigenous soil management. Some authors have even argued that there are no intensive upland agricultural formations in Amazonia. In this paper we outline some of the major features of Kayapó agricultural systems, and the soil management methods they use to enhance soil fertility over time, meluding special ash additions, mulches, etc. This paper documents the differences in soil fertility internal to the Kayapó helds, and how this heterogenity is created and managed in the life of the field. In addition, the nutrient content of several od the nutrient inputs used by the Kayapó are presented. (Author abstract)


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