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Aut. Analit.: Paterson,-A.W.; Whitfield,-A.K.
Tít. Analit.: Do Shallow-water Habitats Function as Refugia for Juvenile Fishes?.
Serie: Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science. 51(3). 359-364
P.imprenta: 2000. 359-364
Descriptores: Shallow-water; Habitat-; Refuges-; Juveniles-; Marine-fish; Salt-marshes; Estuaries-.
Resumen: The role of shallow salt marsh creeks as refuges for juvenile fish is unclear and recent investigations have produced conflicting results. Using gill nets, this study examined the distribution of large piscivorous fish in a range of shallow anddeep water environments in a temperate southern African estuary. Results indicated that intertidal creeks, along with adjacent shallow water habitats, were not utilized by a number of piscivorous fish species which were common in the deeper estuarinechannel environment. This study provides support for the hypothesis that shallow estuarine areas may provide refugia for fishes vulnerable to predation. Copyright 2000 Academic Press


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