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Aut. Analit.: Shepherd,-J.G.
Tít. Analit.: Towards a method for short-term forecasting of catch rates based on length compositions..
Autor: Pauly, D. Morgan, G.R.-eds.
Conferencia: Int. Conf. on the Theory and Application of Length-Based Methods for Stock Assessment. Mazzara del Vallo, Italy. 11 Feb 1985.
Serie: ICLARM-CONF.-PROC. vol. 13. 167-176
P.imprenta: 1987. 167-176
Descriptores: stock-assessment; size-distribution; length-; methodology-marine-fisheries; catch/effort; growth.
Resumen: A method has been developed for combining a time series of length compositions and estimates of growth parameters to produce estimates of future length compositions in the absence of mortality. This is the kernel of the problem of making short-term forecasts of catch rates (and hence catches). Various methods for estimating and allowing for mortality are possible, but the most suitable has yet to be determined.


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