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Signatura:597:591.1, E-92.
Aut. Analit.: Wood, C.M.
Tít. Analit.: Ammonia and urea metabolism and excretion [in fish].
Autor: Evans, D.H.; ed.
Título: The physiology of fishes.
Serie: CRC Marine science series. 379-426
P.imprenta: CRC-press, Boca Raton, Florida. US. 1993. 379-426
Descriptores: fish-physiology; ammonia; urine; animal-metabolism; excretory-organs; carbon-dioxide; amino-acids; Pisces.
Resumen: The present chapter will focus exclusively on ammonia and urea metabolism and excretion, summarizing those aspects which appear to be generally established and noncontroversial, while highlighting points of remaining uncertainty. Substances suchas uric acid, purines, various methylamines, taurine, imidazole dipeptides, creatine, and creatinine will not be considered, because their quantitative contributions are small and their physiological roles remain poorly understood.


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