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Aut. Analit.: Krzyzanowski, Francisco C.; Gilioli, Joao Luiz; Miranda, Luiz Carlos.
Tít. Analit.: Produçao de sementes nos Cerrados; [Producción de semillas en los Cerrados]. [ production of soybean seed for the Brazilian savannas].
Título: Cultura da soja nos Cerrados : Neylson Eustáquio Arantes, Plínio Itamar de Mello de Souza, editores; [Cultivo de soya en Cerrados], [Soybeans culture in Cerrados];
P. imprenta: Piracicaba (Brasil). Associaçao Brasileira para Pesquisa da Potassa e do Fosfato. 1993. p. 465-522.
Descriptores: Glycine max; Soja; Producción de semillas; Semillas; Calidad; Daños mecánicos; Viabilidad de la semilla; Manejo del cultivo; Madurez; Cosecha; Control de calidad; Costos de producción; Brasil.
1er. Resumen:The production ot soybean seed of high qualily in the Brazilian Savannas is a great challenge to the seed producers, due to its climatic diversity, mainly in the areas of low altitude. The establishment of the soybean crop in the region relies on the constant supply of good quality seed produced in the same area. Therefore, the adoption of high level technology is a must to achieve this intent. High level technology involves areas such as: use of a good system of generation control to assure the maintenance of the genetical background of improved cultivars; utilization of alternative seed production systems which must be economically sustainable to overcome the climatic limitations in the field and during storage. The seed growers in the Brazilian Savannas must be aware of these advanced technologies to precisely pinpoint the possible sources of problems in the production process, and to take corrective measures to avoid their consequences. A quality control program (QCP) is a fundamental task to be considered by the seed growers. The employment of a good QCP may turn the production of high quality soybean seeds feasible in low latitude zones. The costs and benefits of a seed production system have to be considered for the sucess of any enterprise under the rules of a free market. The seed producer must take into consideration all the above mentioned point when deciding to produce soybean seeds under the soil and climatic conditions of the Brazilian Savannas.


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