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Título: Identification of a head like structure in M13 phage by atomic force microscopy..
P.imprenta: Acta Microscopica, Rio de Janeiro, v.6, Suppl. B, p.224-225, Sept. 1997..
Contenido: We are using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to study the structure of wild type and mutants M13 and fd bacteriophages adsorbed in hidrophilic glass slide. These virus are close related having a single strand circular DNA (10 genes) packaged in a flexible filamentous particle with 7nm in diameter and about 1 micrometer long. The viroin contains about 2800 copies of small coat protein, gene 8 product, which form a cylindrical shell around the DNA, five copies of gene 3ande gene 6 proteins in one side ofthe particle(proximal end) and 5 copies of gene 7 and gene 9 proteins in the distal end. The have several important biotechnological applications including expression of foreign peptides and proteins in their coats proteins used in the production of epitopes libraries, antigens and recombinant phage antibody systems (rpas). The high resolution structure of these virus and their principal coat protein (gene 8) have been systematically studied by X rays diffraction and NMR spectroscopy. The structure of others coat proteins, in low concentration, have been studied by electron microscopy (EM). The gene 7 and 9 proteins form a cylinder with the same diameter of the virus. The of gene and 6 proteins structures are not well defined by EM. Gray et al, 1981, shown a ball on string structure for these proteins. Specthrie et al, 1992 and Makowski, 1992 did not find this structure. The observed a proximal end structure in the same diameter of the particle with gene 3 protein disordered and not always visible by electron microscopy.
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